Links to Help You Live Deliberately #001

How I Unplugged and Lived to Tell About It

Michael Hyatt:

Earlier this month, my wife Gail and I took a much-needed vacation. We rented a house on a lake in the mountains near Monteagle, Tennessee. We were there for two weeks.

After my book launch and our daughter’s wedding, we were both feeling the need to get away. We wanted a place where we could rest, reconnect, and refill our spiritual and emotional tanks.

As a prerequisite to this time away, I decided to completely unplug from e-mail and social media. I wanted to experience a complete “digital detox.”

5 Steps to Discern if God is Changing a Ministry Assignment

Ron Edmondson:

How do you know when God is stirring your heart for a change in ministry assignment?

I work with pastors every week who are asking this question. I previously posted my answer to this question, but after several conversations recently I thought it was time for a revision to strengthen some of the points based on what I’m currently learning and observing. This can be one of the most grueling decisions a Christian leader makes. Because most of us feel we are in positions God has called us to do, it is often more difficult to leave one called position for another called position.

Why Being A Perfectionist May Not Be So Perfect

Celestine Chua:

Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend a lot of time “perfecting” your work,so everything comes out the way you want it to?

I believe all of us are perfectionists in our own right. I’m a perfectionist, too. We set high bars for ourselves and put our best foot forward to achieve them. We dedicate copious amounts of attention and time to our work to maintain our high personal standards. Our passion for excellence drives us to run the extra mile, never stopping, never relenting.

Ten Things the Inexperienced Preacher (or Lay Speaker) Needs to Learn Fast

Rev. Joe McKeever:

As one who has a great deal of respect for godly laymen and laywomen, I’m always glad when one rises in church to deliver a sermon or a testimony or a report. And since I’m in a different church almost every Sunday, I get to see a good bit of this. And sometimes…

Sometimes I want to applaud them. “Good job. Well done.” (In fact, I often say it to them following the service.)

But at other times, I want to shake them. “Pay attention to what you are doing! You can do better than this!”

Social Media Posting Guide [Free Download]

Craig Van Korlaar:

I knew that a lot of organizations don’t know where to start in terms of a social media posting strategy. I also knew that we could use a constant reference ourselves. For this reason, I created this one-page social media posting guide to serve as a helpful free resource to anyone on the web. Feel free to download or share this online or off, we just ask that you follow the instructions for sharing at the bottom of the guide.

The guidance here is for regular organizations that do not have full time social media staff or unlimited resources and thus aims for maximum impact with the limited time you have.

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