Links to Live Deliberately #007

Each edition of Links to Live Deliberately shares a handful of relevant links to help you “live deliberately” across the topics on this blog: non-profits, personal development, productivity, and social media.

We All Need a Perspective Folder | Maurilio Amorim

Decades ago IBM sales executives were trained in what the company used to call “gratitude course.” These were the brightest and most tenacious recruits selling multimillion dollar systems for the world’s most successful business technology provider of their time. During the training, the executives were asked to create a “happy folder.” There they would put anything that made them happy: a poem, a note from a satisfied customer, a picture of their kids, whatever. IBM knew that disappointment is inevitable in business, specially for those in sales. By focusing on the things that make us happy, they hoped it would help those in need of encouragement to change their perspective.

Non-Profits Need Business Innovation Too | Brian Barela

Volunteering is more than attendance, and donating is more than a transaction. I believe volunteers and donations will follow the organizations that optimize their resources to create and demonstrate long-term value and mobilize people around their skills and passions.

Non-profits that create value with their donors and volunteers instead of at their expense will thrive. Those that impose their preferences will see linear and ultimately diminishing returns.

An Important Announcement for Men Everywhere | Andy Andrews

In light of football season’s arrival, I have a very important announcement to make for men everywhere. And, ladies, please don’t stop reading now! I promise that this post pertains to you as well.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Major Donors | Nell Edgington

Amid increasing competition for dollars, it is more critical than ever that nonprofits explore new opportunities for money. To help in this effort, I am delighted today to announce our newest step-by-step guide “Creating a Major Donor Campaign,” which joins our growing list of tools to help nonprofits grow and become more financially sustainable.

10 Ways Blogging Has Made Me More Productive | Craig Jarrow

The other day, I was asked how I have time to blog as much as I do. As I thought about it, I really couldn’t imagine not blogging at this point. Blogging has become a part of my daily life. And in fact, it has made me more productive in everything that I do.

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