Resignation Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that I write this resignation announcement to say that we about to conclude our official involvement with Word of Life Canada.

Following several months of prayer, deep discussions, godly counsel, and communication with the organization, my wife and I have arrived at the decision that it is right for both the ministry and us personally to move in another direction. The connection between us and Word of Life has become simply no longer a good fit.

To help with the transition of our multiple roles, we will be staying on until December 31st. This means that we will continue to oversee and coordinate this year’s Ontario Word of Life Super-bowl, This will be Super-bowl number 15 for me in various roles and I simply don’t want to miss it.

I say “we” because since 2000, Lindsey and I have both experienced a varied selection of roles with Word of Life Canada: volunteer, short-term, official training, and for the last 6 years, full-time service. Lindsey has worked alongside of me just about the whole way; we have ministered as a team, have witnessed our God do some very exciting things in and through our ministry, and are thankful to Him for these opportunities.

To Him alone belongs all the glory for what has been accomplished!

So, now the question that just about everyone asks upon hearing this news: “What’s next?” 

Beyond this resignation announcement and December 31st we are unsure of exactly what our future holds but with this in mind, we relax in the arms of our Everlasting Father. We are confident that He knows and has our good and, more importantly, His Glory in mind.

We are investigating a couple of options, one more so than the other. For now though, nothing’s 100% certain and we are open to considering whatever the Lord’s will for us may be. In the meantime, I have been updating my LinkedIn profile and initiating contact on various channels and will continue to do so.

I am also in the early stages of investigating personality/professional profile assessments. Whatever I eventually have set up for January 1st and beyond, I want to be laser focused in my purpose. I obviously want to be deliberate and intentional about what is upcoming. If you can recommend any solid profile assessments, I invite you to share them in the comments below.

Lastly, a resignation announcement for those in faith-based missionary work would not be complete without expressing gratitude to those who have supported us. Our involvement in the ministry of Word of Life Canada would not have been possible without the ongoing partnership of many individuals and churches. Your investment in our ministry financially and prayerfully has helped sustain us for these many years. We are deeply thankful to each of you that have had a part in this.

Your prayers for wisdom and direction would be appreciated as our upcoming changes unfold.

Have you changed jobs or workplaces recently? What are the resources you used to help with the process? I welcome your comments below.

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