Follow-up Observations and Top Posts for October 2012

To recap the last month, below are my five top posts for October 2012 and some observations based on the data from WordPress Site Stats and Google Analytics.

After a down month in September, the traffic stats from October are encouraging to me; both visits and unique visitors were slightly more than double (up 103% and 101% respectively). A few factors played into this.

Top Posts for October 2012

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Once again, I am very thankful to you who read my blog. I do what I do with it for your personal growth and mine. My hope and prayer is that you find my content beneficial and encouraging. Here are my 5 top posts for October 2012: 
  1. Resignation Announcement
  2. 6 Ways to Stop Multitasking (and Start Being More Effective)
  3. 5 Keys To Making Molehills Out of Mountains
  4. I Would Love to Have You Write for My Blog
  5. Britain’s Got Talent: 4 Life Lessons I’ve Been Taught

Observations from my top posts for October 2012 to help you with your own blog traffic:

  • Without a doubt, my post announcing my resignation from Word of Life Canada was the main difference maker regarding traffic this month. My resignation announcement and the weeks leading up to it have certainly changed how I’ve approached my time invested with the blog here. I am in the process of making plans for what lies beyond my December 31st departure from the organization; I’m excited to see what changes are coming. Changes and updates to the blog are planned and in the works but the timeline is still unclear at this point.
  • Once again this month, one of the five top posts were written in a previous month (March 2012). This underscores the importance of optimizing your blog posts for search engines as the traffic for this post was almost completely referred by Google searches related to its topic.
  • Second to my resignation announcement (which by far received the highest one day traffic of any post, ever) was a good number of visits on the first official response to my invitation to guest post. RayDeck3 graciously submitted his post on multitasking just a couple of days after my invitation post and it quickly rose through the traffic ranks. Thanks, Ray.

Thank you again for continuing to read and follow my blog. I count it an honour and privilege to use this medium to… “help people live a pattern of deliberate personal growth and challenge others to do the same.”

Do you have a blog? If so, what were your top posts for October? Why do you think they are your top posts? You can leave your comments below.

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