What Am I Missing About The Phil Robertson / A&E Controversy?

Maybe I’m missing something…

Phil Robertson = (small “c”) conservative Christian worldview…

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame

A & E = liberal, non-Christian worldview…

A&E Network logo

Conservative Christians hold to a Biblical stance of homosexuality as a sin; liberal, non-Christians do not.

Why the all shock and surprise of Liberal, non-Christians exercising their contractual rights?

Why all the shock and surprise of a conservative Christian stating his beliefs?

Both are doing what each should do.

This is news and newsworthy?

Maybe I’m missing something… what is it?

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  • Evan Barrett

    You are missing the fact that a small group of people with the loudest voice are “tolerant” of everyone unless they disagree with what they think is right. Really A&E should be the ones in trouble right now for violating Phil’s constitutional rights.

    • http://www.charlielyons.ca/ Charlie Lyons

      Good thoughts, Evan. I believe you’re right.