The Power of Words [Video]

I had every intention of getting back up and running here yesterday after the holidays. I’m in the process of a complete post but alas our home has succumbed to the virus that’s been going around of late. I’m hard pressed to think of a family that hasn’t had at least some sickness in the house in the last several weeks; if this is your family, I trust it hasn’t been too bad for you.

Anyway, in the meantime (full post tomorrow, hopefully), I am sharing this video that has affected me greatly. We don’t often fully comprehend the weight of our words. This video, entitled “The Power of Words” vividly illustrates what can happen when we simply adjust how we say, what we say. Watch, enjoy and be changed.

How To Compost Your Failures

This link is an excellent guest post by Mary DeMuth on Michael Hyatt’s blog. She is an author, speaker and book mentor. She has published twelve books, including her most e-book recent, The 11 Secrets of Getting Published, and her most recent novel, The Muir House. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Click here: How To Compost Your Failures